When I presented the first time my colleague, the Nokia N92 did not want to believe me, this is a cell phone, the equipment and the design can be personalized with palmtops, compare digital camcorders and similar devices. In camera mode, keep to the Nokia as a new kind of camcorder. In the office and Internet mode, the mobile phone as a notebook open. It is used to make calls like a clamshell.

Since the N92 is currently not available in Germany, I’ve let me import directly for 900 € in Finland, Nokia. But even when unpacking it was clear that this investment has paid off. A very elegant packaging, this product is almost too bad it rauszuholen from this.

Nokia N92 Nokia N92 Mobile Phone

Now for the hardware
New and striking is the true color 16.7 million colors display, this should come especially when watching TV via the built-in DVB-H TV receiver to advantage. Unfortunately, the digital reception is not possible in Germany, France has already progressed with the technology. Although this function is still not ready, the phone boasts of other top performances.We can, however, in Hesse HR3 about Visual Radio received with the N92.

The internal modem in conjunction with the UMTS network is probably the fastest and most accurate at the time that was ever built into a mobile phone (in my opinion a Tik better than the 9500), real 14.4 kbps. Due to the full HTML browser pages with animated graphics can also be opened (and Macromedia Flash Player).
About the built-in WLAN, the phone can also use the local home network and laptop connect quickly and reliably. With the wireless you can of course also on the Internet.

What is the phone still would be a full QWERTY keyboard (which in turn has the advantage of 9500). Nevertheless, one must not completely abandon the enjoyment of a keyboard when the phone in the Internet mode holds the key labels are arranged side again, so we can all decipher and quickly compose e-mails in T9 mode.
A second camera has also been installed yet. This is used for self-portrait photo and video telephony over UMTS. But unfortunately only a resolution of 800,000 pixels (XVGA)

The built-in stereo speakers themselves do not make a sound high and low notes more. Optional premium Bose speakers are also available for the N92. But listen to the MP3 and video broadcast, the completely built-ranging. Compatible formats: MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, Real V8, WAV, WMA, M4A, AWB
Very good is also the navigator, which also includes special features for the built-in MP3 Player: Skip, Play, Pause, Stop

3.5mm stereo jack socket
The Digitlalkamera with the high-quality Carl Zeiss lens can see (like N90). Optimal recordings thanks to the built-in photo light and auto focus. Formats: JPEG, GIF 87a/89a, WBMP, BMP, PNG, YUV, RGB

First of all I liked the Symbian OS operating system, this had had in my 7610 and was so very happy. This operating system is compatible with a host of great software. Symbian OS so I would compare with Windows XP for your computer.

The Nokia also comes in its processor speed is very good. The opening of 300Kb large files (one photo), takes about one to two seconds.

The organizer function is also very well equipped, alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, notepad, currency converter, portfolio … all of it except the world clock.

This phone can be reached thanks to quad band anywhere in the world, every continent, every corner of the earth holding a mobile phone mast can be captured with the N92.
The 90MB internal memory is dynamic, thus can be used individually for SMS prolific writers, Contact lover or music fans. Of course, the memory is also expandable with mini SD cards (up to 2GB, according to Nokia). ‘ve Got a whole with a GB of it will, but they probably never get full, so sufficient.

An airplane mode is also integrated in the phone, so it can also be “offline” used without a data connection to the outside during the entire flight.


The N92 is similar to very closed to the Nokia 6260, a design innovation, so I would not call the N92. What I also missing is a color external display, not particularly necessary, but already standard in many flip phones. Nevertheless, a mini screen that displays the appropriate time, incoming messages and calls. What I find unfortunate is that there is no X-press on covers for the N92, so you have to live with any scratches. A color selection is not possible, although I the black and silver itself is very elegant and modern opinion. A great many little pockets, but no one with even the PC in your pocket?


Yes, it has been worth every € for this phone, I myself as a mobile phone enthusiast and already owner of 20 different Nokia phones bi pleasantly surprised and would choose the N92 the best mobile phone of all time.
Basically, I would as a change in the N92 to the Nokia Multimedia 9500th Due to the lack of QWERTY Tastaur, but through the TV and the camera is the N92 2mgpx an everyday companion for any situation

Pros : pivoting 16.7 million colors display, üpige software, Symbian OS
Cons : DBVH – TV is not possible in Germany, size, no infrared

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