Hello everyone, the unbelievable has happened: I won something. And that was under all users, the cheap prices in January 2007, at least in a report. en published, giving away a cell phone and that is: Nokia E60. And I was the winner! Anyone who knows me a little, know that I have a cell phone-Mania. We all have a cell phone contract, but when an extension of the new phone is usually only once to me:)

Nokia E60 Nokia E60

The price

this phone is, according to Nokia’s web site proudly 379 euros.

Technical data

* Dual-Mode-/Triband-Betrieb in GSM 900/1800/1900 and UMTS (WCDMA) in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North and South America
* Automatic switching between bands
* Speech codecs: FR, EFR and AMR for GSM networks for UMTS networks (WCDMA)
Weight / Size

* Weight: 117 g (including battery BL-5C)
* Dimensions: 115 mm x 49 mm x 16.9 mm, 96 cm3
* Form: monoblock


* Up to 64 MB internal memory for contacts, SMS and MMS messages, ring tones, photos and graphics, video clips, calendar notes, to-do lists and Anwendungen9
* Expandable memory: 64 MB of space on small MMC memory card with dual voltage (RS-MMC, Reduced Size MultiMediaCard, 1,8 / 3,0 V) 2,3
* Hot swap slot for quick changing of MMC memory cards on the fly


* Active-matrix display with 16.7 million colors at a resolution of 352 x 416 pixels
* Up to 6 lines (Latin) in message viewing
* Display contrast and brightness control
* Zoom function for optimal display of content in office applications and the web browser


* Two soft keys and 5-way navigation button, power button on the profile selection
* Assignment of the right and left soft keys selectable
* Input method: Phone keypad
* Compatible with Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W (sold separately)
* Layout menu in either list or grid
* Active standby enables fast access to up to six user-selectable applications
* Operating system: Symbian OS 9.1
* User Interface: S60 3rd Edition

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

* Multimedia messaging MMS 1.2: receiving, editing and sending messages with text, voice clips, video clips and photos
* MMS distribution lists
E-mail and Instant Messaging

* E-mail client for access to private and corporate e-mail accounts
* Supported protocols: POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP
* Online configuration settings over the air (OMA Client Provisioning 1.1), device management according to the standards of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA Device Management 1.1.2) and administration tool
* Intellisync Wireless Email
* Supported e-mail clients, third-party Blackberry Conncect ™, Visto email technology and Seven Always-On Mail 8
* The e-mail program (POP3/IMAP4) automatically searches for a connection to the server: Once the user has no WLAN coverage more, the e-mail program automatically switches to a GSM / GPRS or UMTS connection or . back again in wireless coverage to wireless LAN connection
o Automatic change between different networks (eg WLAN, GSM / GPRS, UMTS) without reconfiguration of Einstellungen3, 4
o This feature requires no additional network services, enabling widespread use.
* E-mail client supports viewing and playing of attachments (. Jpeg, 3gp,. Mp3,. Ppt,. Doc,. Xls and. Pdf) and periodic polling functionality messages
* View and edit attachments: The device supports the most commonly used features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003). Compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader
* Instant messaging client with support for the presence service to OMA IMPS 1.2 standard.

SMS messages
* SMS distribution lists
* Concatenated SMS: Send and receive up to 30 standard messages linked in a communication
* Message register

Modern Language Features
* Voice dialing and application launching by voice commands, commands from the user configurable
* Intuitive user interface and supporting speech output to improve ease of use
* Special button to activate the voice recording, voice dialing and Push to talk (PoC)
* Voice commands for menu short cuts, keypad lock and profiles
* Voice recording for making notes or recording conversations
* “Talking” Ring tone: The caller’s name (spoken caller ID) is highlighted in the ring. This feature works on the profile settings to enable or disable.

* Pop-Port ™ connector
* USB interface for high-speed connections (up to 12 Mbit / s) via Pop-Port ™ connector
* Wireless and wired connections (via Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53 Nokia Data Cable DKU-2) with a compatible PC
* Built-in infrared port (IrCOMM, IrOBEX, IrTinyTP)
* Bluetooth wireless technology 1.2
* Install applications on the Nokia E60 business smartphone using Nokia PC Suite (PC software)
* Internet access via HTML Nokia browser
* Video and audio streaming (3GPP and RealMedia)
* WCDMA (3GPP Release 4)
* Support for simultaneous connections
o WLAN connection can be used simultaneously by multiple applications, such as for e-mail and Internet access, and synchronization of data
o possibility of the simultaneous use of WLAN, Bluetooth, infrared and USB connections
o Support for up to six Bluetooth connections gleichzeitig.6

Data transmission
* EGPRS class B, multi slot class 10
* GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Multislot Class 10
* CSD (Circuit Switched Data)
* Data transfer when using the phone as a modem
* Multitasking

Modern Equipment Management
* Application Management enables the delivery and management of native Symbian and Java ™ add-on applications over OMA DM
* Customization enables the delivery and management of terminal user interface elements over OMA DM
* Terminal Management Security includes security model that enables the protection of data in the device (by deleting the data or lock the device) and ensure safety in the use of services by ensuring that there are the correct settings

Call Management
* Push to talk functionality
* Internet telephony via WLAN
* Voice dialing
* Speed dialing: Up to 8 names
* Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
* Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call / timers
* Automatic and manual network selection
* Caller ID with photo
* Dialing Number, allows calls only to predefined numbers (network)
* Support for conference calls with up to 6 participants
* Vibration function
* Free on the loudspeaker,

* Pro Golf Tour
* Java ™ – and Symbian Games
* Java ™ applications and games can be downloaded (Java ™ MIDP 2.0)
* Multiplayer games between compatible mobile phones (via infrared and Bluetooth wireless technology)
* Other Java ™ applications and games can – be downloaded (Java ™ MIDP 2.0) – also over the air

* PC Suite (PC software)

Other Functions
* Individually definable shortcuts
* Customizable profiles
* Alarm clock
* Music player for MP3 and AAC files
* Real Player
* Flash Player
* Notepad for quickly write short texts
* Device lock
* Calculator
* Converter: To convert currencies, measurements such as temperature, etc.
* World Clock II

Battery capacity
BL-5C 970 mA
Stand-by Time Up to
GSM 8 – 12 days
UMTS 8 – 13 days
GSM / UMTS and WLAN 4.5 to 6.5 Tage
Talk time Up to
GSM 3.3 to 6.4 hours
UMTS 2.5 to 2.7 hours
VoIP 2.5 to 2.7 hours
(Source: www.nokia.com)

The delivery was entirely satisfactory :

The mobile phone (logical, right?)
1 power cable
1 Battery
1 Driver CD
1 USB cable
1 pair of headphones
1 manual in several languages

and insert a SIM card. Before advantage is quite possible that the phone is not branded by any provider. In addition, here is especially on the elegant shape and appearance of the phone. It looks really classy.

Then, after switching, I’m immediately struck by the large, colorful display. Even I can see everything slow worm without reading glasses. A great plus!

Who knows Nokia phones, which is also safe with the cope in the most important points immediately.
Since I like the built-in ring tones any cell phone, I throw the first CD into the computer. The included CD is compatible with Windows 98SE, Windows MD, Windows 200 and Windows XP.

Installation is fast and simple one and after it is fully completed, I close the phone with the cable to the PC first copy my music to your mobile. For I can use my music not only as a ringtone. The mobile phone has an integrated music player so I can hear my music through headphones ever.

After I first, as I said, the music was loaded, I personalize the phone. This means that I set for vip profiles, so that I can only call certain persons of whom I allow it. All others, choose this number receive a busy signal and friendly in an emergency, even the mailbox.

As with all new phones I can write or receive mms, sms and emails and. Well, I think here that I can read on the display up to 6 lines of written text and even clearly without glasses!

The contacts I can assign photos and personal data such as private, duty telephone number and addresses, emails and birthdays Adis.

Under Protocol I see the Registry to be the case and missed calls. This log can be deleted at any time.
In Office you can setup in fact a small office. Here, all documents are written and stored and printed on an HP printer too. Even tables can be created and edited.

In the Organizer, I find data such as calendar, notes, calculator, converter and also the voice mailbox.
Next, I find the sub-item Clock. The Clock I can adjust to time zones. She introduces herself and then automatically, when I travel to another time zone.

Connections: Here we find the usual connections like Bluetooth and infrared. But access to the Internet or the PC. Even here, a connection to the printer to be created by infrared.

The mobile phone contains a w-lan. This means that I can access via cell phone on our own computer company, by then I configure the phone. How to do this in detail, is dependent on the manufacturer and is very well explained in the manual.

In system I find information on the memory, data transfer and also edits the settings and profiles can be made here.
Internet, the ever expensive proposition, but to which some of the phone can not do without. I have been tested only once briefly and I can say that it is a breeze on the net and the sides to build up as rapidly.
Another point is the media. Here we found the gallery for photos, video clips etc. as the real player, the music player and Internet services.

Finally, we find three more points that lead us to the internet and which I purposely let the fingers.
Well here is that you can set shortcuts, and this gets shown on the display. Thus, you can reach them faster, by using the arrow goes there.

Shortcuts are also possible. 1 is basically fixed to the mailbox that can be individually 2 to 9
Although the Nokia site indicates games that are not mentioned in my phone. I think this is the manufacturer dependent. For the branded mobile phones often contain demo games to buy the customers love it.
The mobile phone has the Push-To-Talk feature. This has the advantage that enormous costs can be saved if the other person also has this function in the cell phone. Because then work the phones like walkie-talkies.
Otherwise, the reception quality was always excellent and the sound as well, without interfering by noise.
The battery lasts for ages. I’m used to Nokia in this regard, some good, but this phone excels in battery run time at all. I have tried all the functions of the phone, it can be day and night and still considers it a good 9 days before I charge it needs. It is important here is that before the first use, the battery is charged only once and it completely the first time should also be drained completely before it is loaded. Only such a long life of the battery is relatively secure.

My conclusion

This phone comes with Nokia under the name Business phone. I must say, this name is justified. You can really build his own small office and access it via wireless or infrared to printer and PC.

But I see also a minus point, the understanding may not all: This phone has no camera, which I miss sorely. For just as a multi-car driver I like to have a camera in the event of cases there. Because of accidents, one should always be able to take photos.

Also, I think it might belong to a business’s mobile phone to, for important documents are also often recorded photographically, not to have to transfer everything.

But this is really the only downside of the phone. I was thinking back and forth whether I should deduct a point because of the missing camera. Last but I’ve decided, make a complete recommendation because it really is unbeatable from the cannon Funct.

Pro : you can actually set up an office in it: all the important functions, was not branded
Cons : Camera does not

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